Holiday Gift Guide: Subscription Boxes

You’re here because you are searching for last minute holiday gifts, aren’t you? Your procrastination is showing, sweet thang. I won’t judge. I spent 45 minutes in line at the post office today trying to mail a package five days before Christmas, so I have no room to talk. For all you peeps who are trying to figure out last minute gifts this week, I’ve got you covered. Subscription boxes are perfect because you can either snag an e-gift card to email over to someone, or jot down in a card that their first box is on the way. They’re happy and your late-gifting a$$ is saved. You’re welcome.


I’m all about this one. Causebox is a monthly subscription box filled with goodies that make an impact. Every single item in the box is hand-picked and fairly, ethically, and sustainably made. For each box, you can curate it exactly how you want and swap for substitutions, but every time, you get about 6 full-size products– think beauty items, home goods, kitchen staples, etc. I can’t even put into words how cool their mission is, partnering with sustainable brands that also support a number of causes– women’s empowerment, disabled individuals, those in poverty, and more. Amaze-balls. Gift it.

Photo: @causebox

Book of the Month

Calling all nerds! This is a great gift for a book worm that may be looking for some new titles. Book of the Month is a monthly subscription to get one new book (or more) each month starting at $9.99, BUT if you’re a slow reader like me (took me a year to get through one…I’m embarrassed), skipping a month is always free of charge. You’ll never get a dud, either, as each of the five books they feature each month is vetted by cool people with great taste. Not bad. Gift it.


Everyone and their mother adopted a pet this year. BarkBox is a great gift for a new pup parent and their fur ball. Monthly boxes start at just $23 a month and include toys, treats, supplies and more. They have monthly themes to choose from and I just can’t get over how precious it is. Gift it. Maybe the pup is not-so-pup-like and gets rough with their toys? THERE’S A SUBSCRIPTION FOR THAT TOO…it’s called Super Chewer, and these boxes are full of extra tough toys, treats, and chews. Gift it.

Photo: @barkbox


Let’s talk BEAUTYYYYY. Birchbox is one of the most popular subscription services for beauty and grooming items. It’s like your cool aunt showing up at your door every month to show you all the tried and true favorites. Here’s how it goes…They curate a box full of really nice products and send 5 deluxe samples every month, then you have the option to try them out and purchase full-size items if you want. Plans start at $13 per month. Gift it. Heck, get some for yourself while you’re at it.

Photo: @birchbox


I love this one and have tried it myself. If you’re looking for a great gift for someone who is crazy busy or maybe wants to learn to cook, this is PERFECT. HelloFresh packs up easy-to-follow recipes with pre-measured, high quality ingredients and sends them to your door every week. You can choose which meals you want and they have a TON of different cuisines and dietary options available. Choose how often they show up and simply skip a week or adjust portions if needed. It’s really fun for a date night or literally every night ever. Gift it.


I have subscribed to FabFitFun and really like it for a more all-encompassing lifestyle box. It includes home items, clothing, accessories, beauty products, and more. It’s seasonal, so they really pack it full of goodies and send four times a year. The difference between this and a Birchbox subscription, for example, is that FFF includes FULL SIZE items. Each box is worth at least $200, but you get it for just $50 every season. Love it. Gift it.

Photo: @fabfitfun


Caffeine addict? Yeah, this is a good one. BeanBox is a monthly subscription for coffee lovers. You know one. We all do. Each box is expertly-crafted by artisan roasters and full of really cool coffee varieties. You can choose from a 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription, or just choose a one-time box as a gift. Get the hot bean juice flowing. Gift it.


So you’ve got a friend with kids, huh? Give the gift of fun, educational toys and crafts every month. KiwiCo has STEM, STEAM, and science kits for kiddos so they can do something hands-on at home, all tested and kid-approved, so you won’t get something as useless as a Happy Meal toy. They offer boxes for every age and interest so nobody gets bored, because we all know that’s when $h!t goes downhill. Gift it.


You know I always save the best for last, right? All anyone wants for Christmas is booze, so here you go. Winc is a wine subscription club to receive four customized bottles to your doorstep every month. This is great for a wino you know, and if you’re unsure of what they like, HAVE NO FEAR. When they log on, they can complete a short quiz to make sure they get exactly what they like. Gift it.

Photo: @winc

So now you’re probably the best gift-giver in your circle, because duh…you followed along with my gift guides this year. If you found this helpful, let me know! I always love to hear from you to ensure everything I share is worth reading. I don’t waste your time, we’re friends here.

Happy holidays and love always,

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