Miss America 2.NO

Miss America 2.NO

Miss America 2020 aired one week ago, and while social media was buzzing over the few days following, I think the dust has settled. Kind of. I'm kicking it back up again because I still have feelings. The purpose of this is simply to share my thoughts on the telecast and current state of the [...]

Selfish or Self Care?

Selfish or Self Care?

I’ve been really frustrated lately. Like kick-yourself-losing-sleep-puffy-eyed-crying frustrated. Hi, my name is Jess and I'm exhausted. I'm burnt the f*** out.*cue the anonymous support group chiming, Hiiii, Jess. We're glad you're with us today.* In typical Jess fashion, instead of seeking something easy or taking things one day at a time, I decided to JUST. [...]

Know Your Worth

Ok so picture this: a world where every human actually really truly unconditionally loved themselves. Crazy concept, but I believe it's possible. I've been chatting with a few friends lately and meeting some new baby GEMS (wtf is GEMS? Click here.) and I've been noticing a trend. Regardless of where we come from, how old we [...]

10 Things I Learned After Graduating College & Starting My Career

Six months ago, I moved my tassle from right to left and walked across the big stage to receive the most expensive piece of paper I own. "This is it," I thought. 10+ years of standardized tests, research papers, quizzes, late night study sessions, early morning classes, and endless microwave popcorn led up to this [...]

The Sisterhood Is Sweet

Very recently, I had one of the best experiences of my life. Like, ever. You know that feeling you get when you see someone you really missed? Or when you hug your mom after being away? Or being re-united with your best friends after years apart? Combine all of those feelings and call it the National Sweetheart Pageant.

What Is GEMS?

If you follow my social media or have watched my journey through the Miss America Organization, you've probably heard me mention something called GEMS a few times. You may already know about it, or you could be wondering, "What is GEMS?" Well, today is your lucky day, because I want to share one of my favorite [...]