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Below, you’ll find snippets of things I’m passionate about, my life experiences, and just little things that have bounced around in my head and somehow made it onto the web.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Support Small and Women-Owned

I’m SO pumped to kick off this holiday gift guide series with some of my favorite brands. There’s no denying that small businesses took a hard hit this year. Small business owners are easily some of the most passionate, driven, hardworking people– the thread that holds our communities together. The holiday season is a time […]

“Skinny” Girl Speaks Body Positivity

CW: Body dysmorphia *going full Joey Tribbiani* How YOU dooooin? Something about the title of this post must have caught your eye, so I’m really glad you stopped by to hang with me. This topic isn’t something I discuss much and my Enneagram type 1w2 has me staring at my screen for days trying to […]

10 Tips To Save Money In Your Twenties

Trying to save money is HARD. Saving in your twenties is harder, especially if you live by yourself and are tens of thousands of dollars in debt like me. You might panic a little when a new bill shows up (those things slide into my mailbox too often, I swear they’re playin’ me). You might […]

Easy Dinner Ideas with Kwik Trip Take Home Meals

So we’ve been cooped up for a million years, right? That sounds about right. Sure feels about right. While we’re all dealing with the same Hurricane Corona, we’re each in separate boats, handling different obstacles as COVID-19 flips our lives upside down. For me, I’ve struggled to eat like a functioning adult while quarantined because […]


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