Que Sera, Sera

  Whatever will be, will be. Lately, this has been a lesson I've dedicated a lot of time to. I recently turned 21, I just finished up my junior year of college, and I'm hitting the ground running in this game called young adulthood. Internships, resume building, job searching, graduation planning, big life decisions, pageants on pageants [...]

My Anxious Mind

This post has been in progress for nearly a year now. When I first started this entire blog, I had intentions of sharing my personal story, but I can never seem to craft the words to explain how I feel, or to explain how I feel in a way that others might be able to understand. [...]

How To: Pageant Hair

It's time to get fabulous! I've gotten plenty of requests to write a blog article or even post a video about how I curl my hair for pageants and appearances. I finally found a little down time to go full glam, which is definitely not an everyday process. In fact, the most exhausting part of Miss [...]

Meet Jade Strick: National American Miss Wisconsin 2015

Time to get back into blogging mode (as I sip tea from my new "blogging day" mug from my wonderful pageant director). Speaking of, there are TONS of pageant organizations out there, from Miss USA, to Miss America, to National American Miss and beyond. Each program is a little different, but they all offer so [...]

Thank You, Mom and Dad

Long time, no see, am I right?! In the midst of final exams, the college transfer process, and preparations for Miss Wisconsin in less than one month, my free time has been nearly nonexistent. However, I always preach that it's crucial to find time for yourself, which is why I'm taking a few moments to do [...]

New Year, New Outlook

We've heard it all before... "New year, new me! This year will be better than the rest!" I've never had a New Year's resolution, and to be completely honest, I think I'd cave by January 2nd. The typical "eat healthier" or "save money" or "exercise more often" goals tend to tick away quicker than the Times Square [...]