Easy Dinner Ideas with Kwik Trip Take Home Meals

So we’ve been cooped up for a million years, right? That sounds about right. Sure feels about right.

While we’re all dealing with the same Hurricane Corona, we’re each in separate boats, handling different obstacles as COVID-19 flips our lives upside down. For me, I’ve struggled to eat like a functioning adult while quarantined because I just want my couch + Real Housewives + carbs, sugar, salt and repeat until the end of the world forever. I also have the cooking talent of a walnut, so sista needs some help when it comes to making a decent meal for myself.

If you’re reading this from the midwest, I love you. If you’re not from the midwest, I still love you and we can be friends, but we need to get your location on the Kwik Trip map so we can be BEST friends and eat Glazers together like best friends do. I’m getting off track.

What I really want to say is that if you’re from the midwest, you can probably name your closest Kwik Trip at this very moment. Seriously, my neighborhood KT is my second home and they probably know me on a first name basis. I’ve been there quite a bit lately to fuel up, grab a quick bite, or pick up a grocery item or two…or seven. They’re always introducing super cool new products, and the ones that have saved my life are their new Take Home Meals.

The meals are all inspired by the diverse world around us, like American BBQ, Italian faves, bold Latin and Asian dishes, and of course, homemade comfort foods just like you remember. Bring me back, baby. It’s like a warm hug inside your belly. And I need a warm hug, because I can’t hug my mom right now (thanks ‘rona).

My favorite part is that Kwik Trip selects their ingredients by searching for the freshest and best quality items available. They look to Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa for many of the ingredients, and they make them all FRESH AF in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Like, EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK, their cooks whip ’em up and they’re delivered to stores in short order to ensure ultimate freshness. I love when someone cooks for me, it’s my love language. ILY, my sweet Kwik Trip chefs.

So here’s the deal. I wanted to buy out the entire Take Home Meal section at my nearest KT so I could try a bunch of them, but settled on a few to try. They had A TON of options ranging from sauced up BBQ Pork all the way to Mac & Cheese with Chicken & Bacon (my heart and soul in one dish). CAN. YOU. BELIEVE. How the heck was I supposed to choose? I ended up bringing home Spaghetti & Meatballs, Grilled Chicken Breast with Rice Pilaf & Broccoli, and Macaroni & Cheese to try throughout the next few days. Each meal was individually packaged with all the instructions right on the label. While the meals I grabbed serve 1-2 people, they DO have some family sizes available, too.

I have a few things to say. The Grilled Chicken Breast with Rice Pilaf & Broccoli was my favorite for a healthier option. It has a great nutrition label if you’re into that. Me? I’m not picky, but if you’re a meal prepper or watch your macros, this is a great choice for an easy lunch. On night two, I pulled out the Spaghetti & Meatballs and watched Disney’s Ratatouille, admiring a rat with more talent than me whip up something from scratch while I popped mine into the microwave for a few. I think I win, though. I was pleasantly surprised by the fresh ingredients, amount of sauce, and the GIANT meatballs. The more the merrier. Finally, classic Macaroni & Cheese on night three. Listen, it’s hard to mess up mac and cheese, but it takes a pro to get the perfect creamy consistency and they did not disappoint. Bury me in real melty cheese and I’ll die happy.

Overall, I was impressed by Kwik Trip’s Take Home Meals and would grab them again in a heartbeat! They’re a simple option for a busy weeknight, to stock up for lunches, or even to pack for a family vacation or camping trip. *chef’s kiss*

Next time you swing by Kwik Trip, or if you’re just sick of cooking and want something satisfying, pick up a Take Home Meal to try. Click here to find them in a store near you. See ya next time!

Love always,

Sponsored By Kwik Trip

2 thoughts on “Easy Dinner Ideas with Kwik Trip Take Home Meals

  1. Let me introduce you to “gas station sandwiches”! Bob found them and I thought it was just a phase, until he brought me one for lunch one day. The Mushroom and Swiss is my fave! The fish isn’t too bad and the pizza is great. When he has to cook but didn’t get something out of the freezer, he goes to the “gas station”! I also love the Mac and Cheese when my tummy is hurting. Just a little in a bowl is great plenty for me. He also gets the small sirloin steaks that are good and easy to fix. It is great to know, Jess, that you are a Kwik Trip aficionado and gourmand!!!♥️


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